Führungen in Deutsch

Are you going to visit Berlin?
Then let me be your Berlin tour guide!

I am Alexander from Berlin. 

I´ve been a tour guide since 2011, and a hobby-historian since my childhood. I  studied landscape architecture and have witnessed the development of this great town for more than 30 years.
I work with historic pictures and maps to inspire your imagination of the pre-war Berlin. The details of each tour will be designed according to your interests.

Tel. +49 -(0)179 – 9039550

I offer a variety of tours for groups and individuals here in the German capital. You can book me for as much time as you like for only 40 € per hour. Learn how historic events shaped Berlin through the centuries, and what and who makes Berlin today. Even if it´s not your first visit: There is always something new to discover, and it would be my pleasure to show you around.

My Tour-proposals

1) The Heart of Berlin (2-4 h)
On this tour you will see the main sights of the historical center, like the government district with the Reichstag building (seat of the German parliament), the Brandenburg Gate, the Sony Centre, the boulevard `Unter den Linden´, Gendarmenmarkt (the most beautiful square in town), Nikolaiviertel (reconstruction of a part of historic Berlin), Museumsinsel (one of the most important museum complexes in the world) and last but not least remnants of the Berlin wall. You´ll get an idea of how Berlin has become what it is today, and answers to questions such as „what did the old Berlin look like, where did Hitler kill himself, and where exactly was the wall?“.

2) Spandauer Vorstadt (2 h)
This part of the central district of „Mitte“ is a well preserved example of the „old“ Berlin (19th century and before). It includes the „Hackesche Höfe“, the historic synagogue and some cosy streets off the beaten track. Lots of galleries, cafés and fashion stores have opened here in the past twenty years. And it is again a centre of the Jewish community, as it was before the holocaust.

3) Grosser Tiergarten (2-4 h, walking or on bike)
Berlin is a green city with some wonderful parks and thousands of street trees. Our Central park is the "Great Deer Garden", a former hunting area for the Prussian royals. When I studied landscape architecture, I specialized in the history of garden design, so I´m the perfect guide for a tour through this park.

4) The embassy quarter next to the Tiergarten park (2 h)
This quarter with today 35 embassies has a fascinating story. Formerly a noble residential area, it was changed into an embassy quarter by the Nazis and then heavily destroyed in the war they started. Author Erik Larson described it in his bestseller „in the Garden of beasts“ .
Learn more about this tour.

5) Potsdam (4-8 h)
Potsdam is a wonderful city in the south-west of Berlin. There are 19 palaces in this former second residence of the Prussian Royals. There is so much to see that you should reserve a whole day. In 4 hours one could see only some highlights. From Alexanderplatz it´s a 30-40 minutes ride to the centre of Potsdam.

For large groups travelling by coach:
I also offer to enter your coach and accompany you through the city.
For more details and for booking, call +49-179-9039550 or write to ad@berlin-tour.com